Covenant Promises is a faith-based, mission oriented,  non-profit 501c tax escempt faith-based Christian ministry. Our ministry focuses on mission, mentoring , pastoral care, faith-healing, deliverance ministration and leadership training and development in the church. Our head office is located at: 119-42 235th Street, Cambria Heights, NY 11411.DOCTRINES AND TENETS
The doctrinal basis and tenets of the Mission shall be those fundamental truths of the Biblical and Christian principles.


  • That the Bible is the infallible word of God, inspired by God and without error and is the authority in matters of faith and practice
  • In one God, the Creator of all things who is existent in three persons – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of Virgin Mary, crucified as a sacrifice for our sins, buried, resurrected on the third day, ascended to heaven and is now at the right hand of God interceding for the Saints.
  • That Jesus is the only way by which salvation can be obtained by grace through faith.
  • That the Holy Spirit has come to glorify Jesus Christ and He baptizes, indwells, guides, instructs, equips and empowers believers for godly living and effective service in the Lord’s Vineyard.
  • In the imminent and soon second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the saints home.
  • In the bodily resurrection of the dead and that all shall stand before the white throne judgment of God to receive the just recompense for their deeds.
  • Those believers in Christ will enter into everlasting joy in heaven after resurrection, while unbelievers will enter into everlasting punishment in hell.
  • That there will be a new heaven and a new earth where believers in Christ will live and reign with Christ forever.
  • In the personal salvation of believers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and by personal confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • In personal Holiness of heart and life.
  • In divine Healing through faith
  • In Water Baptism and in the Holy Spirit Baptism accompanied by the initial physical sign of speaking in tongue as the Holy Spirit gives utterance according to Acts 2:4,  and also in the operations of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (as listed in I Corinthians chapter 12), in the life of true believers.
  • In Christian mode of dressing with moderation, and covering of women’s hair as a sign of humility and submission to God, during Church worship service.
  • We believe in intensive World and local Evangelism, Missions and Outreaches for the lost souls.
  • In the Lord’s Supper, anointing with oil, laying on of Hands and Holy Christian marriage.
  • In having quiet time with God.
  • In enjoying  Sacred Music and Dances in fellowshipping with God
  • We believe in Demonology and casting out of demons in the name of Jesus, through scriptural Deliverance Ministration and the laying on of hand.
  • We believe in the five fold Ministerial offices and others listed in the Scripture.