Reverend (Dr) Gabriel Oluwasegun is the Senior Pastor and President of Missions of Covenant Promises Rescue Mission Network, New York, U.S.A.


He is a multi-talented exegetical biblical scholar, Teacher, Missionary, Church planter, and Deliverance Minister, who has a natural endowment of giving biblical solutions to the problems of life.

He is a prolific writer with a long period of mentorship and servant hood under renowned Ministers of God and had been a Guest-Speaker in many conferences, conventions, seminars and outreach programs. Some of his publications include: Principles and Practice of Church Management, Leadership in the Church, Church Leaders’ Teaching and Training Manual, Church Leaders’ Resource Guide for Church Planting and Growth, Church Leaders’ Resource Manual for Pastoral Care and Spiritual Development, Complete Ministerial Service Handbook, Manual on Ministerial Training for Church Workers, Principles and Practice of Biblical Counseling, Special Prayers for all purposes, etc.

He is happily married to Rev Mrs. Victoria Oluwasegun, who is a Child Evangelist, and they are blessed with four children.